Saturday, December 11, 2010

Going open source

During my M.Sc. studies I've developed an image analysis and data mining software in Matlab.
This software received as its input a set of XYT images of a neuronal network alongside various parameters from the experiment in which these images were taken.
At that stage it allowed the user to do various image manipulations and eventually mark the location of neurons on it.
Once neurons are marked the software extracted the activity pattern of each neuron and mined all the activities of the imaged neurons to find activity patterns of the neuronal network.

I've now decided to keep that software alive and open sourced it. The link to the repository is:

Any contribution is welcome.

BTW - an XYT image is an image that is built from repetitive imaging of the same line (think of video as a repetitive imaging of a plane, then an XYT image is the same, but just a single line within the plane is being imaged), here's an example of such an image:

Which originated from the yellow line in this image:

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