Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Joy of Clojure - a short book review

I'm currently reading the book "The Joy of Clojure". This is a rare kind of book - the kind you don't want to end. It explains Clojure - but not in a "do this to get that" kind of a way, which is the way most technical books are. It does it differently, by almost telling a story that reveals Clojure layer after layer. It does so while keeping the Clojure motto of "no unneeded overhead" - exactly what's needed, no more no less.

Still, if it was just for that, I wouldn't rush to write this short review - there's something else in the way that this book is written, its style is some sort of a combination between an Arthur Conan Doyle novel in the way that it glues you to the page, and a late night show monologue that provides you fun every 30 seconds.

A must read for every software developer - regardless if you ever plan to write a single line of Clojure code, it would just make you think clearer about code in general and specifically about your code.

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fogus said...

Thank you for reading, and of course for the kind remarks.